Set Party Order

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Implemented the partySetOrder along with the relevant screen overlays. Contains the same¬†functionality¬†as the original; including the programmer-quirk of starting the list at 0 rather than traditional 1 for non-programmer types. Considering this was ported through at least four different platforms (PC-88, PC-98, X68k, DOS), it’s rather curious it managed to remain unfixed.

At some point I really need to write the handful of lines of code to save games now I’m changing things.

New Order Party

Original Order Party



Spell Details Data Test

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Quick debug list of spell details.

Of note for some reason there are 68 entries in the spell data block, though only 64 bit flags in the character record to record whether a character knows the spell or not. Though the last five of the 68 records are named ?????????????????? and aren’t used, so there’s still one spot available for a new spell.

Only two unknown bits, and one unknown byte (which only seems to be 0 or 1, so might as well be just a bit) remain to be discovered in the spell details.

Spell Details Data Test


Odd Bug #1

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Apparently if you’re dead, your condition is “Good” in a red font, as opposed to when you’re in full health your condition is “Good” in a green font.

The game binary has “Dead” as one of the available options, so I’ve no idea why it’s not showing.

Odd Bug #1

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