Script Execution #2

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Another two complex opcodes implemented. Again, using the “debug” button to trigger the script.

One of them shows the “event image” such as a shopkeeper’s portrait, or the image of the Blue Beetle temple, or the old woman entertaining kids in the Gull marketplace.

The other prompts the player for a “yes/no” response, yields to wait for the player to respond, then continues the script where it left off branching depending upon what the player chose.

As I’ve yet to implement the x68k event images, I’m still using the English version ones.

New Archer Shop

Original Archer Shop



  1. Very long ago or not, it is fascinating to watch somebody play around with this like I played with “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” back in the day. That same curiosity and tenacity will server you well. 🙂

    Comment by Bill Harris — 2016/04/12 @ 17:42

    • Hi! Thanks. Yeah, I haven’t really done anything with this in a long time. Wish I had some time free to sit down and keep playing with this again since the whole reverse-engineering part, trying to think what the original programmers were thinking when they build it, is way too much fun.

      Comment by denormative — 2016/04/13 @ 20:26

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