Image Upgrade

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The images below are a comparison between the original DOS images (as rendered in the new engine)  and the images from the Sharp X68000 (X68k) version of T&T rendered with the DOS version’s data-files.

The DOS version is essentially the X68k’s version at a lower resolution and lower colour depth. The DOS version ran at 640×200 (stretched vertically to essentially to 640×400) and up to 16 visible colours, whereas the X68k’s screen resolution was 768×512 with at least 256 colours. Though the game never really seemed to use the greater palette other than with the bigger images.

The icons in the X68k version are considerably sharper. So it’s much more obvious as to what they’re supposed to represent… though a few of them look uglier as a consequence.

New Intro with X68k Images

New Intro

New Main Menu with X68k Images

Main Menu New


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