T&T PC88 Demo: Gull

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After swapping the disks (Drive 1: Player; Drive 2: Scenario Disk 1) and doing a quick system reset we get a title screen!

With a different image to the DOS version, though much more different than the differences between the intro images. We have only one save-game so there’s only a single Go Game icon, but there’s an analog/digital switch panel. Up switching to analog…

Things look somewhat differently coloured, but that’s it. I guess it’s just to account for the different colour profiles of different monitor types or something. Anyway, time to Go Game!

And so we appear in Gull, in the same place in the DOS version, with things looking pretty similar to the DOS version (though a bit heavier on the eye-searing-colours). So let’s swap to Analog to sear our eyes less.

So heading south into the Adventure Guild…

We discover why the DOS version keeps asking if we want to talk to people:

Because we need to swap to Drive 2’s disk to Scenario Disk 7 to proceed. Though no reboots this time.

And we say Hi to our usual friends. Then proceed to steal them all and dump our random character off.

And of course we need to swap Drive 2 back to Scenario Disk 1 on the way out. Also of note, the game can’t work out whether to spell “Cancel” as “Cansel” or “Cansell”.

And of course checking the inventory of our new characters requires us to swap Scenario Disk 6 into Drive 2…

And then we can see our friendly friend Fergus.

Though only the top half of his DOS portrait. And apparently it doesn’t support the armour/helmet/weapons/items paper-dolls like the DOS version does.

It also seems to be lacking the Gather/Share Money icon the DOS version has. This could be quite inconvenient since the wizards/rogues use a huge amount of gold buying spells, and the warriors use almost none after the first couple of levels since they’ve already bought the best armour they can wear by then.

Inventory has one less item slot available then in the DOS version, but other than that has the same functionality.

And of course to go back out of the inventory I need to swap Drive 2 back to Scenario Disk 1 again…

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