T&T PC88 Demo: Character Creation

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A quick run through of the beginning of a game of T&T built for the NEC PC88 system. This was a Z80 based, dual floppy (or tapes, no hard disks) machine, which makes things interesting when trying to play it. And the PC88 series was almost at end of life when T&T was released. Thankfully I’m playing this in an emulator so all the fussy disk swapping is less painful.

Anyway, upon inserting the Program and Player disks I start the machine up and get the intro sequence. Pretty much the same as the DOS version. Though using the 4MHz CPU emulation everything slows to a crawl (and it’s easy enough to notice that the image is packed/rendered in an almost identical way to the DOS version, even though it’s somewhat different), the 8MHz CPU isn’t much better, but it’s reasonably quick to play when the emulation is boosted up to 32MHz.

A quick enter-key press later (I guess there was no “escape” key on the PC88), and we’re straight into the character generation screen.

Creating a character works the same way. Hit M for Make, choose race, gender, roll stats, choose class, pick name; tadah!

Now we’ve got a random character done…

Let us hit G for Go Game! And…

Swap disks. The Player Disk goes into Drive 1, the Scenario Disk 1 goes into Drive 2.

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