Paperdolls #1

Filed under: Crusaders of Khazan, Tunnels & Trolls — denormative @ 23:26

Beginning of displaying paperdolls.

Only the “base” character portrait layer is rendering at the moment, as you can see from the equipment having to be removed from the character before the original screenshot was taken.

Whilst I know where all the indexes are for the items, and the location of the paperdoll overlays are for the items (the same place the base character portraits are conveniently enough), there does not appear to be any records stored in the item data as to which order they should be rendered in.

It’s possible it simply renders anything marked as equipped “torso” armour first (and maybe then any helmets) ¬†followed by everything else, since none of the items overlap in a way that would cause strange imagery.

New Paperdoll

Original Paperdoll


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