You Are Dead

Filed under: Crusaders of Khazan, Tunnels & Trolls — denormative @ 22:30

Totally party kill screens. Nothing too complex.

Original has time-stamp in upper right, new ones don’t. I probably won’t bother adding it since it doesn’t make much sense on this screen anyway.

Somewhat tidied up the text on the screen. Removed the “chars” contraction and tidied up the title. (Maybe I should be using “your” rather than “the”? It sounds more fluid but the text uses “the brave adventurers”.)

Also tinkered with the body text slightly. Adding spaces after commas where the original text was missing them. Also properly broke the text with linefeeds, and indentation, where the actual data within the executable had appropriate spaces/linefeeds, but it didn’t render them for some reason.

Screens work as they originally did. Press a key/click the mouse to swap between them, then back to the title screen.

New Death First

Original Death First

New Death Second

Original Death Second


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