First pass at character stats screen

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Beginnings of the character stats screen. All live data as per previous screens.

Still missing the data/time in the top right corner, also no icons other than the “space” work, though it’s possible to swap between characters by the usual methods.

Icon shortcuts have been re-lettered to fit better with the words they’re attached to, keyboard shortcuts have been adjusted accordingly. Though it’s possible they might need to be swapped back to the previous method, since there was obviously a reason for it and I’m not sure if I’ll be making things harder for myself in the long run with this change.

Also to ponder:

  • Moving the icon palette to the bottom right of the screen since I can’t recall that space is used for anything on these screens (maybe the “use” option on the inventory screen might have a yes/no prompt appear there? can’t recall that ever happening though).
  • Splitting up the “Money” option into two icons, one to “Gather Money” one to “Share Money” since it seems silly that using that icon just pulls up a menu with those two options.

Layout still needs a little tweaking to get the text looking nicely spaced/balanced, also a “message console” needs to be added in the blank spot to handle error messages and such when moving things around; though that’s probably only needed on the inventory screen since I don’t believe there’s anything on the stats screen that might emit messages there.

The “Condition(s)” area also needs work. It’ll require a bit of testing with the original game, since I can only recall how Good/Injured messages there worked, and not how all the other messages like Poisoned/Stoned/Dead/etc appeared.

And of course character portrait. This is a bit of a non-trivial thing since it paper-dolls with the base character’s portrait at the bottom, then armour and helmet overlaid, then on top of that weapons, shields, and other hand-held equipment.

New Stats Screen

Original Stats Screen


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