Beginnings of the Main Game Screen

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As per title; beginnings of the main game screen you spend most of your time in whilst playing the game.

Of note, characters load from live save-game data and their summary panes appear and disappear just like the original game depending upon the number of characters in the party. However most of the status effects don’t show, only “good” or “wounded”. Mouse over for characters works as per original game; as do key-bindings. Though they currently don’t go anywhere interesting.

The command palette in the lower right is currently inactive, and the thinner fonts are causing the red-highlighted keyboard shortcuts to be somewhat hard to read. Bolding may work to fix this, though in the long run I’m more looking towards getting a font that’s closer to the originals, but also has a full Japanese font-set to support rendering the Japanese versions of the game.

The date/time is also missing from the title-bar in the small font style as well.

The width of the uppercase characters of the font is beginning to cause issues here, with the ST/CON values in the character panels getting squished a little too close together.

Also pretty much every text string needs it’s padding or location tweaked as well so things look a little tidier.

Main Screen New

Main Screen Original


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